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The Reason for ComplyPDPA.com

Profit Season Pte Ltd. is a business advisory that provides professional advisory services in Business Coaching, Consulting and Corporate Expansion. www.ComplyPDPA.com is a business unit of Profit Season that provides advisory on Personal Data compliance and Risks Management with regards to data protection.

Services Offered

These are the services offered by the team at ComplyPDPA.com

1. Awareness and Education

2. Assessment

3. Advisory

4. Advocacy



1. Regular PDPA Awareness Webinars & Trainings (both held online and on-site) with the primary objective of educating participants with an Overview of  PDPA.

2. WSQ Fundamentals of PDPA is a 2-day course in collaboration with an Approved Training Organisation in Singapore where members of Our Advisory Team provide the essential training for both Singaporeans and Permanent Residents alike.

Singaporeans and Permanent Residents who attend this course can receive Financial Subsidies from the Singapore Government.

3. PDPA Course on Udemy: We have created a module as an Introduction to PDPA in Singapore.

This is ideal for self-asynchronous learning. Click Here to be directed to Udemy.

4. YouTube Channel: Our team has created a  YouTube Channel – Data Protection Pal to provide consistent awareness on PDPA and cyber security.

Do review the valuable Video Resources in our Youtube Channel and subscribe to us; so that you will be notified the minute we publish a new video on our Youtube Channel (Data Protection Pal).



One of the key activities carried out by the team is to Conduct Assessment for Organisations to assess how well these organisations are complying to PDPA. More importantly, these assessments are to help identify the gaps or lapses as well as Identify Potential Data Protection and Cyber Risks of the organisation.

Usually as a by-product of these assessments, Possible Solutions will be discussed with these organisations for further action. Organisations can then opt in to inquire further on Our Advisory Services.

PDPA Assessments and Audits might also incorporate site visit(s), comprehensive reporting that might also incorporate the results of Mystery Shopping, Penetration and Vulnerability Testing of IT systems and infrastructure.



Advisory Services are provided to organisations who have a clear desire and goal to raise their maturity in data protection posture.

An Assessment is typically done first to ascertain the current posture and together with management team will a clear direction and time be set to apply our Proprietary A2E Process & Methodology to help organisations achieve the desire targets with regards to Data Protection Practices.

Other Advisory Services include

1. Working with DPOs of organisations to create, review and tune-up the organisation’s framework on Data Protection implementation.

2. Retainer Outsourced DPO Services enable us to assist the organisation, with us providing the organisation with a Trained and Qualified DPO, so that the organisation’s identified DPO can learn from the DPO personnel provided by us over a specified period of time.



Our team advocates the Education of Personal Data Protection not only to adult learners who need to apply it at work to comply with local data protection laws, but we also seek to educate youths and those who are preparing to join the workforce to not only appreciate the laws around data protection and to protect their own personal data.

Most importantly, through our strong advocacy, we can instill good practices and ethics in the process of collecting, using and disclosing Personal Data. Our ultimate goal is to have every individual respect the personal data of others as well as the data protection laws each country will have.

Our Advisory Team

Mark Barnabas Lee

Mark Barnabas is currently the Lead Consultant and Data Protection Officer of Profit Season Pte Ltd.

His areas of specialty are Data Protection and Operational Excellence.

His prior experiences as well as engagements are in the fields and sectors of Education, Tourism, Hospitality, Events Management and F&B. 

With varied experiences in these industries, Mark has attained practical and relevant  ground experience, thereby ensuring that he is able to give not only practical but also implementable solutions to any organisation.

In addition to the above, having lived and worked in Malaysia, Philippines, India and other Asian countries give Mark an added edge due to his regional and cultural exposures and perspective.

Mark also spends time to Share and Mentor Youths through the Young Entrepreneurs Society (Singapore) which he founded and actively supports initiatives by the International Youth Society.

Patrick Oh

Patrick Oh is the currently the Lead Consultant of SG Venture Consulting.

SG Venture Consulting is a firm that was setup to helps corporations with Process Optimization and Digitization with the deployment of block chain and other emergent technologies as a solution.

Patrick’s experience as an Industrial Automation Design Engineer coupled with the several years of working experience he had in China with businesses there; has equipped Patrick with vast knowledge, skill set and business acumen; qualifying Patrick as an Excellent, Practical and Effective Solutions Designer.

While he was in China, he was a Community Development Consultant and used his skills as parenting coach, nutritionist, fitness trainer, songwriting to engage the community; of which he continues to Support and Mentor even till today.

Eugene The SEO King Macarius

Eugene Macarius was the former Digital Director of Standard Chartered Bank, Retail Banking in Singapore and has worked with the strict compliance procedures of the Bank not only with regards to Data Privacy, Data Protection as well as IT Security Systems as well as the difference processes of the Bank. 

His prior experiences in the implementation of Customer Relationship Systems and Shopper Loyalty Programmes as well as consulting the lawyers on PDPA implementation for major shopping mall group in Singapore like Landlease, Far East, Fraser Malls, Mapletree Group of Malls at the start of PDPA implementation in Singapore made him a pioneer in the field. Eugene also implemented the CRM and PDPA for Setia City Mall in Malaysia, adhering to the Malaysian PDPA regulations.   

Eugene is also an avid Digital Marketing Strategist as well as a Certified Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Principal Consultant & Coach.

Eugene manages 360 Digital Marketing Campaigns for corporations and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to create a Digital Footprint to Attract, Engage and Retain more customers as well as ensures that the methods employed are Ethical and in full Compliance with Personal Data Potection Practices and Laws.