Comply PDPA - PDPA Singapore Checklist to Comply PDPA: The Complete PDPA Compliance Guide for Business & Companies in Singapore

Regulations, Exemption Order & other subsidiary Legislations

Enforcement of the Act

Here is a complete Guide to PDPA Resources and the various information with regards to the Enforcement of the Act as well as Regulations, Exemption Order and Other Subsidiary Legislations.

PDPA Resources - Guidelines, Public Consulltations & Guides (PDPA Information)

PDPA Compliance Checklist

Advisory Guidelines

Clarifications and highlights on the PDPA published by PDPC

Sector Specific Guidelines

Advisory guidelines for Telecommunication, Real Estate Agency, Education, Healthcare, Social Service, Transport Service and Management Corporations.

Industry-led Guidelines

Refer to this set of Guidelines to have a greater understanding of personal data protection provisions in relation to PDPA.

Practical Guidance to PDPA

Practical guidance to organisations that seek clarity on the application of the PDPA under specific situations.

Advisory Guidelines on PDPA

Public Consultations with regards to PDPA

Information for the public to submit comments and view responses on regulations and advisory guidelines.

PDPA Guides

Good practices and useful tips that organisations may adopt when handling personal data.

Offences Conducted Against PDPA

Offences Related to the PDPC’s Powers of Investigation 

An organisation or a person is also guilty of an offence if any of the following is committed:

  • If the organisation or person with an intent to evade a request for access or correction under the Act, disposes of, alters, falsifies, conceals or destroys, or directs another person to dispose of, alter, falsify, conceal or destroy, a record containing –

    • i. Personal data; or
    • ii. Information about the collection, use or disclosure of personal data

  • If the organisation or person obstructs the PDPC or an authorised officer in the performance of their duties or exercise of their powers under the Act;

  • If the organisation or person knowingly or recklessly makes a false statement to the PDPC, or knowingly misleads or attempts to mislead the PDPC, in the course of the performance of its duties or powers under the Act; and

  • If a person makes a request for access or correction under the Act to obtain access to or to change the personal data of another individual without that individual’s authority.