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Data Protection Pal – An Introduction to the man behind the name!

Mark Barnabas is nicknamed Data Protection Pal by the business community in which he serves because of his wide spectrum of knowledge in the areas of Data Protection, Personal Data Protection Act, PDPA Compliance, PDPA Training, PDPA Accessment as well as outsourced PDPA Consultancy services provided to businesses. Mark Barnabas is currently the Lead Consultant and Data Protection Officer of Profit Season Pte Ltd.

  • Data Protection Pal’s areas of specialty are Data Protection and Operational Excellence. His prior experiences as well as engagements are in the fields and sectors of Education, Tourism, Hospitality, Events Management and F&B.

Why Engage Data Protection Pal?

With varied experiences in these industries, Mark has attained practical and relevant ground experience, thereby ensuring that he is able to give not only practical but also implementable solutions to any organisation.

In addition to the above, having lived and worked in Malaysia, Philippines, India and other Asian countries give Mark, the Data Protection Pal; an added edge due to his regional and cultural exposures and perspective.

Mark also spends time to Share and Mentor Youths through the Young Entrepreneurs Society (Singapore) which he founded and actively supports initiatives by the International Youth Society.

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