Personal Data Protection Singapore : An introduction to PDPA in Singapore, Dos, Don'ts & Compliance - PDPA Singapore Checklist to Comply PDPA: The Complete PDPA Compliance Guide for Business & Companies in Singapore

An introduction to PDPA in Singapore, PDPA Dos & Don'ts as well as PDPA Compliance

Are you looking for some information on Personal Data Protection in Singapore?

Perhaps you are new and need an introduction to implementing PDPA?

In this video presentation, we speak to Data Protection Pal (Personal Data Protection Pal) Mark Barnabas Lee & Patrick Oh about how it is like to implement PDPA by The Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) (PDPA in Singapore is an equivalent to EU GDPR as well as many Privacy Laws in USA, Malaysia and all around the world). You will learn the following:

1. Are you ready for PDPA and to learn more about Cyber Security Risks
2. About Data Protection Pal Mark Barnabas Lee & Patrick Oh
3. What PDPA is Not
4. Misconceptions of PDPA
5. PDPA does not affect me as an individual – True or False?
6. The Data I recieve on Business Cards, I can contact them in any way I want – True or False?
7. I am only obliged to comply to PDPA only if I am doing an online business, physical businesses do not need to comply to PDPA – True or False?
8. With regards to Personal Data Protection, all Companies has to comply with PDPA Laws in Singapore. – True or False?
9. Is this True? All I need is to just appoint a DPO and I will be compliant to PDPA – Yes or No?
10. I am in B2B Business, I do not have personal Data. – True or False?
11. PDPA is a one size fits all template for all businesses. – True or False?
12. When did PDPA Came About? The History of PDPA in Singapore.
13. PDPA and the Collection of NRIC.
14. PDPA Guides were developed (2016 to 2019).
15. The Purpose of PDPA.
16. PDPA & Lucky Draws.
17. Why is there so much emphasis on the protection of Personal Data.
18. What is Personal Data?
18. 1st component of PDPA: NRIC Advisory Guidelines by PDPC.
19. 2nd component of PDPA: Rules on Do Not Call Registry (DNC).
20. 3rd component of PDPA: 9 Main Obgligations of PDPA.
21. Enforcement of PDPA in Singapore.
22. PDPA Case Study: Royal Carribean Cruise.
23. What Data was compromised in the Cyber Attack on Royal Carribean Cruise.
24. PDPA Case Study: Society of Tourist Guides.
25. Is Your Company Truly Prepared for PDPA COmpliance?
26. What About Cyber Security?
27. I will not be the target of Cyber Attacks. Oh Really?
28. Social Engineering: Scammers pretend to be Technical Support Staff.
29. Cyber Risk of Web Conferencing Software like Zoom.
30. Cyber Security is our 6th Pillar of Total Defence in Singapore.
31. Cyber Security Solutions.
32. Why is it important to Protect Our Data?
33. How do you demonstrate compliance to PDPA?
34. The PDPA Compliance Checklist.
35. Businesses that need PDPA Urgently.
36. PDPA in a NutShell (A Summary).
37. Our PDPA Framework.
38. Fundamentals of PDPA Course

Personal Data Protection Singapore : An introduction to PDPA in Singapore, Dos, Don’ts & Compliance