Does PDPA inconvenient or benefit Business? | PDPA FAQs - PDPA Singapore Checklist to Comply PDPA: The Complete PDPA Compliance Guide for Business & Companies in Singapore

The PDPA will strengthen Singapore’s overall economic competitiveness and enhance Singapore’s status as a trusted hub and choice location for global data management and processing services.

The law will provide greater clarity on the rules and liabilities for businesses hosting personal data in Singapore. This will complement Singapore’s existing strengths, such as geographical location, reliability and advanced telecommunications infrastructure, to create a conducive environment for the fast-growing global data management and data processing industries, such as cloud computing, to thrive in Singapore.

The law will also put in place safeguards to protect data sets, which will help facilitate the smooth transfer of data to and from jurisdictions that have enacted data protection laws, many of which place obligations on organisations to ensure sufficient protection for transfer of data overseas. These safeguards serve as an attractive draw for cloud computing and business analytics activities to be located in Singapore. Compliance with the regime also sends a positive message and builds trust and credibility with consumers. Organisations will be able to assure their customers that their personal data will be sufficiently protected.

Does PDPA inconvenient or benefit Business? | PDPA FAQs