PDPA Compliance Checklist Singapore - PDPA Singapore Checklist to Comply PDPA: The Complete PDPA Compliance Guide for Business & Companies in Singapore

The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) is Singapore’s law governing the collection, use, and disclosure (collectively called “processing”) of personal data by organisations in Singapore. The main purpose of the act is to ensure that a) all personal data is processed in a manner that respects individuals’ privacy and ownership rights and b) organisations use such data for legitimate business purposes only. The act was passed in October 2012 and came into force in 4 stages between January 2013 and July 2014.

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WSQ Fundamentals of Personal Data Protection Act

Who must comply with PDPA?

Compliance with PDPA rules is obligatory for organisations operating in Singapore (companies and unincorporated bodies) with respect to the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data.

The following persons, however, are not bound by the act:

  • Individuals acting in a personal or domestic capacity;
  • Public agencies;
  • Organisations acting on behalf of a public agency in relation to the processing of the PD.

Employees of an organisation must adhere to the organization’s policies for ensuring compliance with the PDPA in the course of their professional activity. The employees, however, cannot be held personally liable for an organisation’s breach of the PDPA.

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PDPA Compliance Checklist Singapore
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